Publications & media

Henry Kendall

Henry Kendall Poetry Award 2010

2nd Place
“He thought she was a blanket”
Central Coast Poets Inc.


“Beneath the Blades” Island
Winter 2010 Vol 121, page 107.


“Adrift in a ziplock bag”
“No matter how long it takes”
Adrift, 2010. A chapbook of poems by members of the NT Writers’ Centre. Ed. Dael Allison.

Short story

“And the next morning he was shipwrecked” Meanjin Quarterly
Volume 69 Number 1, 2010, page 184.


Short story

“While she waits”,

Volume 69 Number 2, 2009, page 150.


registering the thousand tiny sorrows of lives being lived out in hospitals and nursing homes, and all those other ordinary places John Updike once called ‘the sweatshops of reality‘.
Jeffrey Poacher
Australian Book Review
No 319, March 2010, page 38.



“Pillow talk”
No 8, 2009, page 94.

Third prize winner

“Frozen cigarettes”
The Age
January 17th, 2009


…written with admirable understatement and emotional restraint, effectively capturing the intense emotion bubbling away beneath the surface.
Fiona Capp, judge.

…beautifully crafted… it denies that dreadful fiction called closure….it believes in the unique dignity of grief.
Michael McGirr, judge.

The Crime Writers Association of Australia

the ned kelly awards 2009

The SD Harvey Short Story
“Fern’s farewell”

Short story

“The untouchables”
Sleepers almanac
Number 4, page 199.


More engaging are those pieces that introduce the reader to something new, such as the hidden appeal of sanitary disposal (“The Untouchables” by Bronwyn Mehan)….
Zora Simick
The Monthly
March 2008, page 65.

Short story

Page seventeen
Issue 6, page 37.


How to look after your poet in the event of a cyclone

Bronwyn’s poem gives this chapbook, featuring six NT poets, its title.


“Darwin bride”
Famous Reporter
Number 39, page 78.

“Surfing in the middle ages”
Famous Reporter
Number 37, page 27.

2 Responses to “Publications & media”

  1. Annie Drum Says:

    well well, it’s pretty slick mate! Well done to Jo, it’s a work of art. And really showcases your writing achievements…

  2. Rohan Wightman Says:

    Very impressive Bronwyn, a really good way for publishers to see what you’ve done and how serious you are. The lay-outs great and love the pic. Good work all round mate.

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